Ko Phagnan Island. Lying in the Gulf of Thailand, this paradise island offers
something for everyone. For example, on Thursday we woke up and did yoga on the
beach, ate freshly caught and perfectly prepared chili-garlic squid before
cruising into the heart of the island to hike the waterfalls that lie within its
national park. The afternoon found us snorkeling off the beaches and topping it
off with a Thai massage during sunset.  Evening followed with the mixing of
some homemade cocktails consisting of pineapple juice and Thai rum before
heading to the “Pirate Bar” for an all night electronic dance party right on the
Neda nabbed this shot after a massage on the beach. It's Haad Mae Haad coast at sunset
Sufficed to say, at a certain point in the day Neda turned to me and said, “I’m
really starting to feel like we’re on vacation now.” Though the days of trekking
around with our packs trying to find a room or planning what we will do next can
involve a bit of stress, Neda and I are savoring our “long-term” vacation. As we
find ourselves getting mellower and moving more with the flow, we ask ourselves:
“how can we incorporate this loose, fluid mind set into our everyday lives when
the structure, hustle, and bustle return?” The question is how to learn lessons
from our leisure so that the line between leisure and life isn’t as sharp as we
sometimes make it out to be.
Our next stop takes us from the Gulf of Thailand to the Andaman Coast
Our next stop is Krabi province, where we plan to explore the beaches of Rai
Lay, hop over to Ko Phi Phi, and possibly down to some other islands as well.
The area will be getting increasingly Islamic as we head south so it should be
interesting. From a gustatory perspective, the famous Massaman Curry originates
in Southern Thailand so we look forward to sampling it there!
See the full pics here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjyagmTB
Neil Wade
1/24/2012 03:42:13 pm

Having spent time in Thailand and counting it as one of my top 2 nations to vacation in, I'm so glad you all are INDULGING in such a beautiful land. Continue to enjoy and keep us informed of every pleasure!


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